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Get the support you need for the homes you want to build

“How did I get started?

I’m thankful to Pacific Source. 

They gave me the bonding help I needed when no one else would.”

  • Friendly, professional bonding

  • Fast, ​streamlined application​​ process

  • Quick approvals

  • CPA credentialed​ accountants manage our Bond Department​, providing excellent assistance​

  • Flexibility when changes occur

  • Quick processing of payment requests

  • Checks are sent ​daily​, not on a set weekly schedule

  • Option for 1099 issuance at year-end​ 

  • Pacific Source has showrooms and sales staff on all islands 

  •  25 years of bonding experience​​ 

The ability to obtain a performance bond is a crucial part of the construction process in Hawaii. Pacific Source is equipped to help ​​you get the required bonding​ you need for your residential construction projects​. ​ 


Pacific Source is approved by ​most Hawaiian lenders to provide ​supply house ​bonding on all islands.​ 


We offer a streamlined application process with quick approval decisions and lender support for a smooth loan closing.  

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